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Benevolent Bark Dog Training
Shandy Poodle

Who We Are

Shandy Poodle

We're Here To Support You And Your Canine Companion

At Benevolent Bark Dog Training, we believe a harmonious coexistence is achievable, and are here to help you achieve this beautiful balance. Our praise based, force free methods are scientifically proven effective. What does this mean? We will never use e-collars, prong collars, collars, harsh corrections or physical manipulation.


What does our approach look like? We will work closely with you to foster a positive engaging relationship with your dog. We will provide you with techniques that will bring results. We will observe communication through body language that your dog provides, allowing us to support their needs . Our goal is to nurture a mutual respect between you and your dog, guiding you to become a benevolent leader. You will learn to reinforce wanted behaviors and eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Training Services

  • Obedience Training

  • Puppy Training and Socialization

  • Trick Training

  • Service Dog Training

For training information and sign up please fill out the form below or contact us. 

Benevolent Bark Dog Training
Benevolent Bark Dog Training
Benevolent Bark Dog Training

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Benevolent Bark Dog Training

Training & Prices

Our one-on-one training starts with a comprehensive 1-hour consultation at your home, during which I assess your and your dog's needs. I'll address your questions, discuss necessary products and training support items, and establish a clear starting and ending point. Our force-free training approach is flexible, focused on the end goal, and open to adjustments along the way. We'll embark on a series of weekly 1-hour appointments at your home, where I'll guide you through effective techniques to achieve the desired dog behavior. We can work on single tasks or combine them as needed. This adaptable training method allows us to change direction as necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Upon completion of your sessions, we'll evaluate progress and discuss additional sessions if required.


$90 initial consultation in-home visit

$90 per 1 hour in-home session


Save with Packages of 1 hour in-home sessions!

5 Sessions — $405 (Save $45)

8 Sessions — $630 (Save $90)

12 Sessions — $900 (Save $180)

Benevolent Bark Dog Training
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