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Pricing and Policies:

What To Expect

  • Our puppies are born and raised  inside our home,  we keep a constant and watchful eye on both puppies and mom!

  • Puppies will NOT have tails docked or dew claws removed as we believe the negative effect of removing these parts outweighs the desired look. Tails and dew claws are a functional part of a dog's body and assists them in balance and climbing.

  • On days  3-16 puppies will begin daily ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) exercises and ESI (Early Scent Introduction)


  • We start introducing them to  freeze dried and frozen raw food (Primal)  softened with goats milk  twice daily  to supplement mom’s milk.    We believe nutrition is of the utmost importance for the development both physically and socially.  Please refer to this informative video on nutrition. 

  • Puppies are moved from their whelping box into their play yard  to increase their  exploration  space.

WEEKS 4-5:

  • We begin worming puppies at 4 weeks, unless they are showing  signs of worms prior to that time.  Puppies will be receiving Pancur paste.

  • Puppies will begin "crate games"  and will be introduced to the crate in a fun engaging play. Crates will be a place of curiosity and fun. Toys and chewy treats will be introduced.

  • Puppies  will continue to be introduced daily to new sounds, textures and smells.

  • Early training will begin with simple tasks: "come, sit, wait"   and early leash and harness introduction.

  • Puppies will have their first exposure to grooming.  Nails will be trimmed, faces and feet will be clipped. The first bath will be given at 8 weeks.

  • They will each have their own "cuddle" toy which will go to their new home with them and will be included in their puppy packets.


  • Puppies will receive their first round of vaccines at 6 weeks. 


  • We strive to socialize our puppies to the best of our ability. They are held, petted, and played with on a daily basis by our family and friends. They will be exposed to many sensory explorations and spend time in a play area where there are many different objects and noises for them to explore along with spending time outside, weather and age permitting.   

  • Puppies will be exposed to being in a car exploring, smelling and  feeling  the car move.

  • 8-9 weeks: puppies will visit our veterinarian  and will each have a full exam and final vaccinations, your puppy will be sent home with their health record. 

  • Puppies will have their first bath and second grooming prior to going home



  • 7-8 weeks, puppies temperament    We reserve the right to make the correct adjustments to place each puppy in the home that best fits the individual  needs.  

  • We allow our puppies to go to their new home at 9 weeks of age. We will hold your puppy longer for a fee of $20 per day and any vet bills incurred.

  • To reserve your puppy, we require a deposit of $500, This deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable to another litter at any point in the future.

  • The price of our puppies is $2,000 limited AKC and $4,000 full AKC (full AKC  is subject to our approval and genetic health testing of puppy) This amount must be paid in full by pick up of puppy.  We accept Zelle.

  • We  require our puppies to be spayed or neutered. We ask that you do NOT de-sex your dog until at least one year of age.   This does not apply to full AKC. 

  • We believe in force free training and ask that prong, shock or choke collars not be used.  I am available to help guide a praise based approach to training and will have training packages available to all the families.

  • If for any reason you find yourself no longer able to keep your puppy, we will help to place him in a new home PLEASE, NEVER send one of our fur babies to an animal shelter or rescue. 

If you agree with our policies  and would like to adopt a puppy. Please click on the button below...

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